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[WATCH] Hamas Hostage Video Full: Mia Schem Video

Are you looking to see about Hamas Hostage Video, this is also Mia Schem Video. In the video, there is a girl with her hand bandaged and her words made many people worried. She is a hostage and being held captive in Gaza, and she is asking for help to be rescued. Let’s watch Hamas Hostage Video to know more details about the unbelievable content in the video.

Iseul will provide English subtitles so you can easily understand this information about Hamas releasing first video of a hostage taken to Gaza.

Watch Hamas Hostage Video

Let’s watch Hamas Hostage Video:

In the brief video snippet, Mia Schem is depicted reclining on a bed while an individual, just beyond the camera’s view, tends to her injured right arm, carefully applying a bandage. A conspicuous, newly-formed scar is prominently on display.

Information about Hamas Hostage Video

Hamas has released a distressing video, alleging that it depicts an Israeli festival attendee who was abducted and transported to Gaza by the extremist organization.

Information about Hamas Hostage Video
Information about Hamas Hostage Video

The video, shared on Hamas’s official Telegram channel, features a young woman who speaks Hebrew directly to the camera, asserting that she hails from central Israel.

Identifying herself as Maya Shem, the woman explains that she was taken against her will during the Nova festival. She also states that her captors are looking after her and implores, “I kindly request assistance in securing my prompt release from this situation. Please help.”

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Who is Maya Shem in the Mia Schem Video?

A 21-year-old French-Israeli woman named Schem is currently being held in captivity by the militant group Hamas within the Gaza Strip. Recently, Hamas unveiled a video, which is the first visual evidence of any of the numerous individuals detained in the region.

Who is Maya Shem in the Mia Schem Video?
Who is Maya Shem in the Mia Schem Video?

In the video, Schem, her appearance notably pallid, sits upright with a resolute posture and speaks directly into the camera. She reveals that she sustained injuries and was forcibly taken to Gaza. Schem fervently implores for her safe return to her family.

Action of Maya Schem’s Family

Addressing the media on Tuesday in Tel Aviv, Schem’s mother passionately implored both the government and international leaders to facilitate her daughter’s return.

Clutching a photograph of her daughter, Keren Scharf Schem appealed, “I earnestly implore the global community to reunite my child with us. She ventured to a festival to partake in merriment, and now she finds herself in Gaza, and she’s not alone.”

Scharf Schem disclosed that until Monday, she had no knowledge of her daughter’s well-being, and all she could ascertain was the possibility of her abduction.

“I could ascertain her survival. I noticed that she had… I’d heard rumors previously suggesting she might have been shot in the shoulder or leg, and now I can see she was indeed wounded in her shoulder. I observed she underwent a surgical procedure, and she appears profoundly distressed, in considerable pain. Additionally, it’s evident she’s communicating under coercion,” she declared to reporters. She pleaded with the world to “put an end to this terrorism” and secure the return of her daughter, along with the other hostages.

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Action of Maya Schem's Family
Action of Maya Schem’s Family


What do we need to do in this situation?

For this situation in Israel, where an individual is captured by a militant group and their family is pleading for their return, there are several steps that can be taken:

Be diplomatic: Engage in diplomatic negotiations through government channels to secure the individual’s release. This may involve diplomatic pressure, third party intermediaries or negotiations with the stakeholder group.

International support: Seek support and cooperation from the international community, including relevant international organizations, to put pressure on the responsible group and facilitate negotiations .

Humanitarian aid: Ensure the safety and welfare of detained individuals. This may include providing medical care, food and other humanitarian assistance as needed.

Media awareness: Use media and public awareness to draw attention to the situation and gain public support, which can indirectly pressure the captors keep must release individuals.

Legal action: Explore legal avenues to hold captors accountable for their actions, such as bringing the case before an international court or arbitration tribunal if applicable.

Family Support: Provides support and assistance to the family of an incarcerated individual as they are going through a traumatic ordeal.

Security measures: Enhance security and preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of similar incidents occurring in the future.

It is essential to approach such situations with caution as they involve complex geopolitical and security considerations. The primary goal must always be the safe and humane release of the detained individual.

What do we need to do in this situation?
What do we need to do in this situation?

Conclusion about Hamas Hostage Video

Above, Iseul has provided you with Hamas Hostage Video with English subtitles. Hopefully the content we just shared can help you clearly understand what’s going on in Mia Schem Video. Please join us in updating more information about the incident through other articles!

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